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Nov 19, 2020



Steganography brute-force utility to uncover hidden data inside files.

Using stegcracker is simple, pass a file to it as it’s first parameter and optionally pass the path to a wordlist of passwords to try as it’s second parameter. If you don’t specify the wordlist, the tool will try to use the built-in rockyou.txt wordlist which ships with Kali Linux. If you are running a different distribution, you can download the rockyou wordlist here.
$ stegcracker

The program requires the steghide binary, and Python 3.6 or higher to be installed. If python 3.6 is not installed, check out this guide on how to do so. Steghide can be installed by using the following command (Kali Linux):
$ sudo apt-get install steghide -y

To install StegCracker, run the following command:
$ pip3 install stegcracker

To update StegCracker, simply pass -U to the installation command:
$ pip3 install stegcracker -U — force-reinstall


FAQ / Troubleshooting

I can’t install the tool with pip3 but python 3.6+ is installed

Your pip binary might be using a different version of Python. Try installing it directly through Python like so (replace “X” with your minor version, eg: python3.6): python3.X -m pip install -U stegcracker

I’m using StegCracker 1.X, how do I upgrade?

If you’re upgrading StegCracker from the original 1.X



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